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Sirius's lead the other boy back to his dorm, trying to avoid as many others as he could. Fucking your enemy is fine, just don't get caught. He quickly muttered the password to the tower, walking silently up the stairs and to his room. Opening the door as it creaked, Sirius held his breath.;Scared that James or Peter woke up,or god forbid Moony found him with this guy. But apparently his dorm was empty. James must have been out courting Evans and Moony studying off somewhere. With a grin of victory, he turned, grabbing Avery's arm and throwing him onto the bed, joining him soon after, his lips pressing against the other boys.Hard, needing, controling.

Date: 2010-09-21 09:21 pm (UTC)
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Everything felt and tasted better when you weren't meant to be doing it. In many ways, Sirius' interest in filthy muggle-borns made him a waste of a wizard, but in being such a disgrace it also meant that he was fitted into this category rather nicely. And he was a Gryffindor. Double whammy.

Well, what was the point in having an apple of temptation if you weren't going to bite into it?

Avery combed his fingers through Sirius' hair, grabbing loose handfuls of it as the other boy's lips pressed down on him, hard and hungry. He gave back, letting his tongue slide into Sirius' mouth again as they kissed and making the odd noise of approval here and there.

Sorry, passed out.

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Disgrace, Sirius had hear that word from a lot of people, his mother, his brother, Hell even Malfoy. Not to mention his twisted cousins. And no doubt the boy below him had said it more then once. But the temptation was there. And Avery making those rather pleasant noises was certainly helping Sirius's pants get tighter.

He broke the kiss as his hands slid up under the dark wizards shirt, scratching the nice pale flesh there as his mouth kissed down to his neck. Sirius licked the flesh for for a moment before biting down rather hard on it. Marking him, making Avery his for a while.

Re: S'ok, so did I

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Avery hissed through his teeth as blunt fingernails scratched at his skin, making light red marks across his milk white chest. If you were going to shag the enemy, then you had to expect said shag to be a bit rough.

When Sirius' teeth clamped onto his neck, Avery cried out, his fingers curling tightly into the other boy's hair. That had hurt. That had hurt, but it had felt good. He turned his head to the side for a moment, the nape of his neck still throbbing as he drew his hands down to Sirius' collar, where they worked on unfastening that ugly Gryffindor tie.

"Is that the best you can do?" Avery asked, quirking a brow.

Date: 2010-09-23 02:43 pm (UTC)
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Sirius's eyes shot up at the challenge, moving his lips back down to kiss that tender skin before nipping it a little at first. Blowing hot air onto the wet skin before biting down hard again, sucking the tender flesh, bruising it to his hearts desire.He'd love to see the other boy explain it to Rosier.

His hands traveled down lower again, this time sliding over the zipper of his school pants. And quickly, with the memory of doing this many times with other boys. He unzipped them, his hand disappearing to run ghostly over the others cock. Teasing him, taunting him with his hand.

Date: 2010-09-23 09:28 pm (UTC)
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Avery's fingers had just finished taking off Sirius' tie and disposing of it on the floor when the boy bit down on him hard. A pained sound escaped him and he dug his fingers into Sirius' shirt, squirming under the other boy's weight as his teeth cut into Avery's flesh.

He was all but whimpering when Sirius let go.

It was a good thing then that Sirius chose to follow up this rough play with gentle, whispery touches, teasing his cock with feathery fingertip strokes. The pleasure to even out the pain.

His neck bruising and sore, Avery reached down and unfastened the other boy's trousers, sliding his hand inside to rub Sirius' balls.

Date: 2010-09-24 12:49 pm (UTC)
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Avery's hand would have been met by a eager cock. Sirius shifted his body weight a little, his hips pushing back against that hand as Sirius's hands ripped open Avery's shirt. Buttons flying everywhere. Thank god for magic, other wise that would have been one ruined shirt. His lips traveled from that pretty bruise that was forming on the other boys neck. Down the center of his lovely milky white chest. He pressed a quick kiss against the center of his chest as a sign of appreciation for it before his lips wrapped around one of his nipples, biting down and sucking it gently as his hand wrapped firmly around that cock. Sirius resisted the urge to complement Avery on the size of it. That was going to far. Complementing his enemy's cock size.

Date: 2010-10-22 08:06 pm (UTC)
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Some things were worth the wait. For years Avery had watched Sirius plainly ignore him and now here he was, hungry and horny and dominant. It was almost too good.

It was like opening a birthday present your parents had been keeping back for weeks; it was tempting to rip off the paper as fast as possible, but you knew that if you savoured every bit of it, you'd enjoy what you'd been given a lot more.

And Merlin, what a gift he'd unwrapped. Avery chewed his lip in anticipation of feeling that warm, thick cock inside of him. He could just imagine Sirius thrusting it in, making him dig his fingers into the bed and moan.

Well, he was already moaning. Between biting and sucking of his nipple and the stroking and fondling of his cock, Avery was having a hard time shutting his mouth. Soft moans and breathy gasps escaped his lips as his own hands worked on pleasuring Sirius.

This was definitely worth the wait.

Date: 2010-10-23 06:17 am (UTC)
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Avery was good, he had to give him that. Those moans were intoxicating,like a drug pulsing though Sirius. His hand slowly squeezed the base of Avery's cock before he stroked it quickly for a few moments before he released it. He batted the other boy's hand away from his own cock for a moment. Giving him a slightly glare before making clear work of Avery's pants. His fingers slid into the pants and tugged them off, along with the underwear. And there it was. The cock of his enemy. He smirked a little his hand wrapping around it to jerking it once or twice before he placed a kiss on Avery's chest, slowly moving his body up Avery's. Soon his cock was level with that spiteful mouth of Avery's."I'm going to fuck your mouth, then I'm going to fuck you. Any questions?"

Date: 2010-10-23 08:27 am (UTC)
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Avery had been conditioned to respond accordingly to his partner's actions, so he didn't question his hands being pushed away or the warning glare that Sirius gave him. Instead he raised his hips, making it easier for the other boy to remove his clothes. Be of help and do what the other person says; Evan had taught him well.

He made a soft noise in his throat as the other boy jerked his cock, a cruel little tease that left him aching for more. However, when he saw Sirius's cock drawing nearer and nearer to his face, Avery's yearning was sidelined.

He watched the other boy's cock, inches from his mouth, as though it was a cobra. Occasionally he flicked his gaze up to Sirius' face to show that he was paying attention; it was important not to get too mesmerised by the meaty shaft in front of him.

Avery shook his head dumbly at the statement and licked his lips in anticipation. He couldn't wait to get his mouth around that.

Date: 2010-10-23 09:47 am (UTC)
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He almost might have to thank Evan's for how well trained Avery was. Sirius's gently wrapped his hands around the back of Avery's head. His cock slapping the other boy in the face a few times before he gently slid his entire cock straight back to the throat of Avery.

Fuck that's hot, that perfect mouth for something like this. Wet,warm and tight. He groaned loudly, holding his cock deep in that throat before pulling out and slammed straight back in again. "Perfect little fucking mouth..."

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During the summer before his third year, Evan had begun to mould Avery into the submissive little pet he now was. The training he'd put into place was mostly for Evan's own benefit, but as Avery grew older, more adventurous, he found that these skills were appreciated by other lovers as well.

Learning how to suck cock had been one of the first lessons. Avery, now seventeen, could practically do it in his sleep.

Sirius guided his cock into Avery's mouth, Avery rubbing the tip of his tongue against the shaft as it slid inside. His gag reflex had disappeared long ago so it glided in, nice and deep.

Whilst he kept it there, Avery let his tongue curl around the length teasingly and he sucked it, just a bit, then a little harder as Sirius began to pull out. When Sirius' cock slammed back in, Avery made a muted sound as the tip touched the back of his throat and he gazed up in appreciation of the compliment.

Avery let Sirius control the speed, control the thrusts, and worked in fluid motion with that to get as much dick into his mouth as possible, his cheeks hollow as he continued to suck on the tender flesh. His hands came to rest on Sirius' ass, fingers clenching a little every now and then when Sirius pushed himself deeper inside.

Date: 2010-10-23 04:28 pm (UTC)
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FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK . It almost became a mantra inside Sirius's head as his hips picked up a big faster and deeper. Now freely ramming that mouth with his cock, fully intending to choke Avery on his cock. But he seemed to take almost everything with ease and, hell even pleasure. He looked down at that sight and Sirius's couldn't believe it, but it was the hottest thing in his life. He damn near cummed right then.

But he held back moaning as he thrusted his cock deep into that mouth. He reached his hands down and lifted the other boys legs as he kept thrusting. He looked down at Avery's ass with a smirk, before a hard spank from his hand landed on Avery's ass. "You love that fucking cock in your mouth, don't ya? Love that fucking griffendor cock"

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Avery flinched quite noticeably when Sirius' hand landed a quick spank on his arse. With his eyes closed and his focus on the cock being thrust into his mouth, he hadn't really been expecting that.

He made an mmmmm in reply, vibrating against Sirius' dick as he thrust inwards again. He was...quite unable to voice a reply at this point.

However, he was indeed loving this Gryffindor cock. Avery slid his tongue over the tip as Sirius pulled back, one of his hands moving down to rub Sirius' balls again. He couldn't wait to be fucked by this boy, especially if it involved more spanking and dirty talk.

Only then, Avery would be able to answer back. And what filth he planned to say...

But that was not now. His thumb rubbing at Sirius' ballsack, Avery moaned softly against the meat in his mouth.

If Sirius didn't come back for seconds after today, Avery was going to be severely disappointed.

Your tags are so epic and mine are

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Sirius's cock twitched happily in that mouth, Sirius's eye's never strained from that sight. It was so incredibly hot, he groaned loudly as he thrusted in and out of that mouth. His hand raising to spank that ass harder a few more times. Clearly Avery loved it.

"Your going to spread your pretty legs for me a'nt ya Avery? Let me fuck that hot little hole of yours till you can't walk anymore" He whispered down at the other boy. Sirius's loved dirty talk as almost as much as he loved giving his partner pleasure. His hand reached down to tweak Avery's nipple for a moment as precum dripped down the side of his cock.
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Sirius' hand rattled against Avery's skin, making it sting whenever another smack landed on it. He knew his cheeks would be red.

With each strike, Avery made noises that vibrated all of the way down Sirius' shaft, intensifying as the hits got harder. He was going to have trouble sitting down if Sirius kept this up, and with the threat of being fucked until he couldn't walk looming ahead of him...well, he wasn't going to be fit for much, was he?

Except lying on his stomach, haunches raised. Perfect for another round of shag-thy-enemy, perhaps?

Avery rolled his gaze up to Sirius again, his eyes full of lustful adoration. This boy was so dirty and his dick tasted so good; Avery had to wonder if the other Gryffindor boys were like this...

He made another murmur of pleasure as Sirius' fingers pinched his nipple, tongue sliding up the side of Sirius' shaft to lick up the pre-cum. As Sirius pulled out again he ran the tip of his tongue over the tip of Sirius' cock to catch the rest of it. Mmm, so good.
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I just have a lousey drama degree XD

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It took all of Sirius's will power to pull away from that mouth, if he kept that up he'd would have been cumming over Avery's face. He smirks as his cock pulls from that mouth with a nice wet pop. His hands curl around around Avery's hips as he force's him onto his tummy. He smirks as his finger slips between those cheeks as he runs his other hand over those red cheeks.

"Hm you look good like this Avery, never thought you would"

He jerked himself a little, moaning at that wetness running of his cock head. After a few moments his hands wraps it's self in Avery's hair, tugging his head back as Sirius's lower's his mouth down to his ear. "Beg me Avery..beg for me"

Don't forget the lube, Sirius!

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Avery licked his lips when Sirius pulled out. He was about to wipe them over when, quick as a flash, Sirius grabbed him by the hips and flipped him over.

He chewed his lip, heart beating a little faster, when he felt a finger slide down between his cheeks. Sirius' other hand brushed over his sore flesh and Avery hissed through his teeth a little. It was still sore.

"I'll look even better when I'm on your cock," he purred, glancing over his shoulder just enough to see Sirius with his hand around his cock, jerking it.

Avery's fingers twitched, his hand moving towards his own cock to do the same when he felt Sirius' fingers twist into his hair and pull his head back. Sirius' chest pressed against his back, his hot breath on Avery's ear, and then the demand.

"Fuck me Sirius, fuck me hard..." he begged. "I want your thick cock inside me, I need it. Please, Sirius, just take me now...shag me until I'm sore...until I beg for you to stop...until you come inside me...please..."

Re: Don't forget the lube, Sirius!

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He almost purred into Avery's ear at that as he lent over that body to reach for a draw next to his bed. His hand fished around inside of it for a moment or two before grabbing out a small bottle of lube. Sure, there were spells for this sort of thing. But Sirius preferred the muggle way. His finger slipped out to give another spanks to each of Avery's ass cheeks. Before smirking and pushing Avery's head against the bed.

He was going to surprise the other boy as he lent his head down, his hands pulling apart those cheeks to dive his touge between him. His tongue rolled against Avery's hole for a few moments before pushing in, curling and licking. Trying it get it as wet as possible.

Date: 2010-10-25 05:57 pm (UTC)
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Sirius reached over him to rummage in a drawer for something. Avery caught a glimpse of a clear tube before a couple of sharp smacks landed on his sore arse cheeks, diverting his attention from what was in Sirius' hand. He made a muted sound of pain, his skin stinging as his face was pushed into the bedclothes.

He'd been expecting fingers, cold and slicked with lube, to touch him, so when the warm tip of Sirius' tongue slid against his hole, Avery couldn't hold back the pleasured sound that escaped him.

Avery curved his back, eyes shut and mouth open, as the other boy's tongue worked at his hole, circling it first before dipping inside.

"Sirius..." he half-whined, half-whispered.

He gasped as Sirius pushed his tongue a little further in, licking, lapping and sucking his ass. Avery's fingers curled tight around the bed covers and he chewed at his lip again. "Mmm...that's so good..."

Date: 2010-10-26 03:59 am (UTC)
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Sirius kept licking and sucking at that hole,every sound Avery seem to make went straight to Sirius's leaking cock.He pulled away just for a moment to smirk. "You taste so good Avery, how do you do that?" he asked before sliding his tongue deeper then before, damn well near hitting the other boys sweet spot before he pulled away, sitting up.

He ran his eyes over the other boy, enjoying the sight of Avery with his ass up, almost begging for a fuck. It was a sight he didn't think he'd see or enjoy for that matter. There was a popping sound as Sirius's opened that lube. He poured some into his fingers, mainly his middle index finger before running them over that already wet hole. This was more just to make sure he didn't hurt the other boy. Shocking as it was, Sirius didn't want to. He slipped the tip of his index finger into Avery before slowly pushing it inside of him and holding it there. Kissing his slightly red ass for a moment. "How does it feel?"

Date: 2010-10-26 05:44 am (UTC)
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Avery didn't have an answer for Sirius' question, and even if he did have one, there was no way he would have been able to formulate a response when Sirius' tongue was still working his hole, diving in deeper to make his ass slick and wet. He moaned softly as Sirius explored him with his tongue, getting louder and more desperate with each lick.

When Sirius pulled away he was almost disappointed. Almost, because although that pleasurable contact had gone, he knew there was more to come. Avery turned his head slightly as Sirius opened the cap on the lube, hearing him squeeze it out onto his hand, rub it on his fingers.

He spread his legs a little wider in anticipation and a small shiver ran over his back when the tip of a cold finger brushed against him. It felt better going in. Avery made an mmmm as Sirius slid his finger inside him, his eyes closed and his head bent low.

"That feels so good. Don't stop, Sirius..."

Sirius was making Avery wait for his fuck...but then Avery didn't seem to mind.

Date: 2010-10-26 11:29 am (UTC)
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Honsetly were would be the fun if Sirius just slipped it in? Sirius enjoyed drawing out the pleasure for his partner and himself, it was simply more fun that way. His finger pushed deep into that tight ass with a smirk.

He enjoyed those sounds Avery was making, those words that he seemed to only say for him. He did'nt have this with Remus, it simply was'nt as...interesting at this. Avery was vocal, and Sirius was loving every moment of it. His finger slide in and out of Avery, every now and again curling it just slightly. Soon,two finger were pushing in and out him him. Black's other hand wrapped around Avery's cock for him, jerking it quickly but then squeezing the base as his fingers pushed in deep,just touching that sweet spot inside every guy before he let the cock go. He did that again and again, drawing out the pleasure of the other boy. He frankly did'nt care if Avery cummed or not, since he planned to fuck him anyway, till his body shuddered with pleasure. As much as Avery was planning on getting Sirius back for a 2nd time. Sirius was doing the same, making sure Avery knew how the good Sirius Black fucked and would come begging back for more.

Date: 2010-10-26 07:29 pm (UTC)
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From his first lessons about sex as a young teen, Avery had learned that pleasure was not a one way street. Just as he enjoyed pleasuring others, others enjoyed the pleasure they gave to him; the more you enjoyed yourself, the more your little playmate enjoyed it too.

He'd also learned that one of the best ways to convey that enjoyment was through voice and sound. You could tell your partner just how much you liked what they were doing, how their touch made your body react. Sometimes you didn't even need to do that; just a noise was enough.

Avery was enthusiastically vocal. He rocked his lips a little in motion with Sirius' finger as it slid in and out, voicing quiet little moans with satisfied mmmmm's inbetween. When it graduated to two fingers, the odd "oh yes" was thrown in as well, along with an infrequent "don't stop".

The volume seemed to rise as well. Avery's moans got louder as Sirius jerked his cock. He arched his back a little, the deepest penetration earning a string of desperate, breathy words. "Oh fuck, Sirius, oh do that again..." and "You're so good at this, oh Sirius you're so fucking good..." were his favourites. He peppered pleases and keep-goings in between them as Sirius continued to jerk him and penetrate him and squeeze his cock tight, until he strung together a new utterance.

"Oh Merlin...oh Sirius...oh, I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum..."

He was right on the edge, he could feel it. His fingers flexed and clawed at the bedding as Sirius continued with his merciless routine of dipping in deep and holding his shaft. It was maddening, but he was nearly there, nearly, nearly there...

"Mmmm...Sirius, I'm really gonna cum...really...I'm gonna...I..."

Avery let out a loud moan, followed by a couple of fractionally quieter ones. His vocals were gone then, replaced by gasps as his pulse and his body calmed down. A warm feeling spread from his groin throughout his legs and torso and arms, reaching his fingers and toes and neck before hitting his brain and making him feel a little light headed.

He slumped back against Sirius, his neck resting against the other boy's shoulder as he looked up, just a little bit in love with him at this point. That would wear off, but Avery leaned in for a kiss first. If Sirius was trying to lure him back for a second go, it was most definitely working.

Date: 2010-10-27 07:30 am (UTC)
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Sirius couldn't help but smile at those words, the sounds Avery made. They were really quite addictive. No wonder Evan liked fucking the boy, he was practically perfect at this. Finally he heard the other boys words. Those perfect words. He kept thrusting his fingers into the smaller boy as he rode though that orgasm, his other hand slipping down to wrap around the the head of his cock. He let his hand catch as much cum as he could, party because he did'nt want to ruin his sheets.

Finally his fingers slipped out of that ass, allowing Avery to slump back against Sirius. He pressed his lips against Avery's happily, clearly the other boy had fun. After the kiss had parted. Sirius made a show of raising that cum covered hand to his own lips, his tongue licking up the hand and though the gaps in his fingers hungrily with a slight moan.

"You even taste good, that's hardy fair Avery" he said with a light grin, his other hand sliding down that chest, pinching at Avery's nipples a little as his hard cock presses just above Avery's butt. "Hm, I think you have something to take care of though...Don't ya love?"

Date: 2010-10-27 06:30 pm (UTC)
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Someone was hungry for love, weren't they? Avery wore a smirk as he watched Sirius lick his hand from palm to fingertips, lapping up cum with his tongue and, judging by the noises he made, thoroughly enjoying it.

What a dirty little Gryffindor he was.

Avery kissed him again when he was done, the taste of himself still on Sirius' lips. "It's not just my blood that runs pure, you filthy, filthy blood traitor." He nipped Sirius' lip as he pulled away, smiling softly, ready for more play.

And it seemed as though Sirius was definitely ready for more. Avery made soft little noises as Sirius pinched his nipples and nuzzled at the other boy's neck. He could also feel the weight of Sirius' cock pressing against him, warm and hard and in need of his attention, but not like before.

He threw another smirk at Sirius and popped the cap of the lube, putting a small amount on the tip of his finger. Avery slicked the rim of his hole again before reaching for Sirius' cock, slipping his hand loosely around the shaft and guiding it to his wet hole.

Avery let the tip slide in, just the tip. He moved his hips a little to tease Sirius turning back to give the boy another brief kiss.

"I think you need me down on all fours for this," Avery purred.

He so loved being taken in hand.

Date: 2010-10-28 02:21 pm (UTC)
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Really? What was with the myth that said Gryiffndors couldn't be kinky? That was like saying all Slytherin enjoyed rape.

He gave a light growl at being called a blood traitor, giving Avery's nipple a slightly harder pinch at that. Despite hating being called that, Avery made it sound so that it sent a pulse right to his cock.

It was simply damn enticing to see Avery popping the cap of lube and watching that finger slide down. For a moment he thought he was going to get to see Avery finger himself, which would have been great. But the moment that hand slide around his cock and guided it to that hole. Sirius wanted nothing more then that.

The head was surrounded by warmth as Sirius pushed his hips forward as Avery roted his hips. With that final kiss, Sirius's hand placed at the back of Avery's neck to force him onto all fours, his cock sliding out of the small boy so Sirius could get into a better position. He took a moment to admire the paler boy on all fours, waiting for him to fuck him. It was quite a sight, a sight that Sirius couldn't stand to look for two long. He slid that cock between Avery's cheeks for a moment or two, teasing the boy before wrapping a hand around the base of the cock and slipping it inside. Inch by inch, Sirius moaned louder as it did until finally, after what felt like forever. Sirius's thick cock was buried inside the small boy, all the way to the hilt."Fuck...How are you so fucking tight Avery? Your made this ain't you? Made for my cock.."

Date: 2010-10-28 06:11 pm (UTC)
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The growl had been the reaction he wanted. Sirius seemed to like a little dirty talk, and what was dirtier than calling him a blood traitor? He was right to be annoyed by it, by being reminded that he had chosen to wallow in filth, because being friendly to mudbloods was insulting his heritage. The Black family was a noble line; Sirius was being such an idiot by rebelling.

Sirius being an idiot didn't make Avery any less hungry for his cock though. If anything, his need was amplified. Perhaps Sirius would realise his mistake in time; until then he'd just have to enjoy the thrill of being fucked by someone he was meant to hate.

Avery bent his head low when Sirius pushed him down, his legs apart and his ass raised just a little. He chewed his lip when he felt the head of Sirius' cock rubbing between his cheeks before settling on his hole.

He pushed it in. Avery moaned softly as Sirius inched his cock inside him, clutching at the bedclothes again. He spread his legs a little wider as Sirius' cock eased into his tight hole, making a soft mmm when it was finally all inside.

He couldn't lie, in this moment he was in complete agreement with Sirius. "Merlin yes...I was definitely made for your cock. Made tight for your cock," he replied in gaspy sentences, feeling Sirius' warm skin and swollen balls pressing against him. "I'm so bad for fucking bad..."
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Date: 2010-10-28 06:57 pm (UTC)
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"Your so fucking bad Avery. You want my fucking cum don't you" Sirius growled into that ear as he finally started to move. Slowly at first, his hips moving out inch by inch but it quickly picked up and soon Sirius's was fucking Avery like he was born to. His cock hitting that g-spot every fucking time. His hand slid up that arched back, to tug on Avery's hair, pulling his head back as he rammed his ass. His cock pulsed and twitched inside him. And Sirius's was glad that they did'nt use a comdom, it just wouldn't have been the same. "Your my perfect little fuck, a'nt you Avery? You like my fucking cock. Take it you fucking whore. Teach you to call me a blood traitor"

Date: 2010-10-28 07:16 pm (UTC)
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Avery's hair fell into his face at first, moving to and fro in front of his eyes as he worked his hips in time with Sirius'. He panted heavily as the pounding increased, a short, sharp moan escaping every so often.

"I do. I want...ah! I want you to come in me...ah, Sirius..."

When Sirius grabbed his hair, Avery cried out a little, a mix of pain and pleasure as their tempo increased. Now he didn't gasp, now every breath was a moan or a cry or a repetition of Black's name. His hand fisted the bed covers as Sirius thrust into him hard and fast and he reached down to his own cock, jerking it quickly.

"Mmm...yes...ah, I love your cock, I...I love being fucked by you...ohh...even if you're a blood traitor," he replied, his throat a little dry now. "I love being f...fucked by a blood traitor."

Date: 2010-10-29 05:28 am (UTC)
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He slammed Avery extra hard for those last few comments. He hand tugging on that hand, making swift thrusts deep into the moaning boy.It certainly wouldn't be long now until he climax, after all. Avery had done a damn good job of turning him on. And his ass was damn near perfect. Which was surprising, he assumed Evan would have been fucking Avery every night. How could you not? He ran his hand down Avery's spine as he fucked him, his cock twitching inside him. "You fucking need it don't ya Avery? Fucking beg for my cum" He hissed as his hand pulled back on Avery's hair again.

Date: 2010-10-29 09:07 pm (UTC)
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Avery made it utterly clear from how loud he was getting that he'd felt those extra hard slams. Behind the sound of his moaning he could hear Sirius' flesh smacking against his as they fucked, his balls slapping against Avery with each swift, sharp thrust in.

It was starting to hurt a little too. As Sirius shoved his cock in hard, Avery let out a small cry of pain that quickly morphed into a softer, drawn out moan as he withdrew again. He masturbated furiously, the Evan-like way Sirius pounded his ass sending his brain into pleasure meltdown. Avery's eyes rolled back and he bit down on his lip hard as Sirius continued to ride him, crusading towards his own orgasm and simultaneously spurring Avery towards his second of the night.

This boy knew how to fuck.

When Sirius pulled his hair back again, Avery turned his face slightly and lifted his gaze. He fixed his eyes on Sirius, staring at him with lust and awe (with just a little pain flecked in his eyes) watching the older boy slam his dominating hips against him. "Yes...I need it...I need you to come inside me. Please Sirius...please. Just fill me...fill me up. You know I need it, please, I'm begging you..."

Date: 2010-10-30 05:20 am (UTC)
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It was the look. The eyes. It was the mouth.It was the moans. The voice. Fuck, it was everything. The warm of that ass around him as he thrusted once, twice, and finally he was there. Buried deep in Avery as his climax rolled over him. He held his cock inside the smaller boy as round after round of cum shoot out of him and into Avery.

He panted, staying there for a few moments to bask in the afterglow of orgasm before he wrapped he arm around Avery's waist and pulled him towards him, sitting back onto his ass. His softing cock still buried in him as he kissed at his neck. "That was... interestingly"

Date: 2010-10-30 01:54 pm (UTC)
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He felt the warm spill of semen inside him, Sirius' cock pressed in him to the hilt once again. Avery tightened his sphincter muscles around that meaty cock, milking the boy until he had nothing more to give, his hand still busy working to encourage his own ejaculation.

Avery let out a soft little cry as he came, his hand at the base of his shaft as he jerked every last drop of cum out of himself. Some of it spilled down his dick, the rest onto Sirius; bed. Thanks to his previous orgasm though, there wasn't much. He could clean it off with a spell later on anyway.

Leaning back, Avery wrapped his own arms around Sirius' as they held him at the waist. He rested the back of his head on the boy's shoulder and tilted it slightly so that Sirius' lips had better access to his neck.

"Mmmm, interesting" Avery purred. "I think I'm going to be sore in the morning..."

Date: 2010-10-30 05:31 pm (UTC)
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"Well good,it will be a decent reminder of how awesome a fuck Sirius Black is"

Sirius said against that skin as his cock slowly softened inside Avery before Sirius reached down and slide it slowly out of the other boy, moaning in his ear as he did. He still sat behind him, his hands wrapped around Avery's waist as he did.Kissing and sucking at the skin with a smile, a smile he should'nt really have after fucking one of his enemies. "You, were amazing Avery. Not that I need to say it." He said as his hand slid down to wipe some cum of Avery's cock before taking it his lips and sucking it off. "Almost tempted to have another round with you"

Date: 2010-10-30 08:06 pm (UTC)
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Avery didn't need a reminder; if he remembered nothing else about Sirius Black, he would definitely remember what an incredible fuck he was. His head was still spinning from those hips, those dynamic hips that worked so fast and so hard for so could Avery possibly need a reminder after that?

He made an mmm sound as Sirius pulled out of him, his cock sticky with cum. The other side of his neck was sore from Sirius' lovebites, but Avery couldn't help tilting more to the side as kisses trailed up his skin.

And Sirius did need to say it. As much as Avery had been taught how to please, he'd also been taught that satisfaction was only conveyed through praise. The compliment meant that Sirius was happy with his performance, which made Avery happy in turn.

"Then we should have another round," he replied, watching Sirius licking up his cum again. Avery leaned forwards to grab his wand, cleaning up the bedspread so that they could lie down. "Let's have a little rest, and then...well, you haven't had me on my back yet."

Date: 2010-10-31 06:38 am (UTC)
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Sirius smiled as he kissed just behind Avery's ear for a moment before flopping down on the bed, still very naked as he wrapped his hands around Avery's and tugged him down next to him. "That, sounds perfect" he whispered as he wrapped his arms around Avery's waist, kissing his forehead with a smile. "Are you sure your ass can take it?" He asked sleepily as he wiggled closer to the skinner boy. He knew this was a bad idea, being this close to Avery. That Avery should have simply been kicked out of his bed after the fuck. If James or Remus found him here, he dreaded to think what would happen.

Date: 2010-10-31 10:48 am (UTC)
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Avery snuggled closer on the narrow bed, sliding his leg over Sirius' thigh so that he could press right up against the other boy. With his wand still in his hand he drew the curtains on the bed, then dropped his wand on the bedside table. It just wouldn't do for someone to walk in on this.

"I can take it," he replied in a low voice. "I can take anything you can give."

He let one arm drape over Sirius, waist, resting the other on his chest. Sometimes he slept like this with Evan, but where Evan was thin and spindly like a spider, Sirius had muscle. Avery could see the definition in his bicep, the toning of his chest and stomach. It made for a very different feeling when being held.

A small moment of giddiness ran through him, and he wondered what it would feel like to always be close to a boy like this, to be his. Having a Gryffindor - loud and brash and brave and foolish - as a lover and a protector seemed...almost inviting.

But Sirius was still a blood traitor, still the enemy, and still nowhere near as close to him as Evan. Avery let the idea drop as quickly as it had formed and kissed Sirius on the mouth before closing his eyes, ready for sleep.

Date: 2010-10-31 11:56 am (UTC)
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This was nice. Really. His arm gently placed on Avery's hip as he stroked it gently, almost lovingly. "Hmmm..." He mummered as he held Avery tighter, more like a boyfriend would then a casual fuck. "Promises, promises Avery" he whispered into the night as his eyes slowly closed. Though he took a moment to take note of how Avery felt against him, just in-case it never happened again. Trying to imprint it in his mind.


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