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Sirius grinned as he folded his arms, watching Remus like the good boy he was. Naked up against his wall, wearing nothing but the school tie. There teachers would be shocked and appalled. He smirked as he ran a single finger along Remus cock, his eyes carefully watching his eyes. "Unless that's what you want Moons. I'm more then happy to spank you. You just have to ask" He whispered into the others ear.Biting down carefully on it, sucking it for a moment.

Date: 2010-09-28 05:16 am (UTC)
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He can't form the words. He's trying, trying so very, very hard, but they're not coming. It's -- it's too much, the one long finger sliding along his cock, teasing and tempting, Sirius' lips and teeth on his ear. He wants it, oh Merlin, he wants Sirius to turn him around, wants to feel Sirius' hand falling on his ass, wants the sting of it, the immediacy of it, but it's so hard, hard to admit he wants it, hard to shape the words and ask for it.

He moans, squirming a bit under Sirius' touch, face burning. "I -- I want --" He bites his lip, nostrils flaring as he swallows, hard. "I can't." His voice is soft, low, hands closing into frustrated fists at his side, trying again, trying to make it simpler, easier, just one word this time, one word, he can ask for that, can't he? Can use just one word to ask for what he wants? "Yes."

To long? XD

Date: 2010-09-28 02:33 pm (UTC)
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Sirius looked worried for a moment, scared it was pushing Moony to far. He knew Remus's expressions for the most part, and all he could read right now was frustration. He licked his lower lip as Moony stumbled over a few words.His hand dancing along the head of his cock for a moment, but stopped as soon as he heard the word can't. He frowned for a moment, unsure what he should do. After all, Sirius wasn't much for raping someone. He couldn't help but kiss that blushing face just once though, Moony was adorable,even when he was horny. Padfoot's face broke into a smirk at that word. That wonderful word that seemed to be filled with everything Remus had never dared to ask. He smirked, pushing a bruising kiss against the other boy before his hand curled around that school tie. Using it, almost as a lead to jerk Remus around, making him face the wall.His hand ran over that ass, as he hand his eyes down the sight before him. Moony's rather nice cock,eager and wanting. His perky ass out,wanting a smack. It was almost too good. Sirius knew a fair few people who'd kill for this sight. Running his lips over the curve of his ear, he whispered again. "Who's been a bad boy Moons?", his words dancing cheerily into the others ear. SMACK. Sirius hand came down hard, just enough to sting a little. He kept his eyes on Moony's face. Just incase Moony wanted to pull out. After all. He was doing this for Moony. And his own fun.

Never :)

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Remus has never pictured himself as the kinky sort -- the simple fact that he's been having sex with another boy was as far as he thought he would go into the arena of non-mainstream sexual acts. But he wants this, something down inside himself wants the fun of it, wants to give up control to Sirius, wants to give up control of himself. So much of his life is about control, about keeping it in the face of anger, about biting back the animal inside himself, the beast that tears through him every month, that propels his temper. It's hard to be a teenager and deal with that added level of hormonal imbalances, hard to be a teenager in love and not let it make him a complete crazy person, harder when he's naked and Sirius is naked and every single instinct -- natural and his own and decidedly unnatural and the wolf's -- are warring with each other inside him.

Its almost something of a relief to let Sirius manhandle him like this, to let Sirius turn him toward the wall and stroke him, to listen to the words that Sirius murmurs into his ear, the naughtiness of them, the -- the delicious tawdriness of them, and he jumps a bit as Sirius spanks him, hips shifting as his body reacts to the feeling, leaning forward to rest his forehead on the wall, and the words are a little easier this time. "I -- I have, Pads." He licks his lips, arching his back a bit unconsciously. "I've . . . I've been a -- a bad boy."


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Smack,Smack,Smack. His hand lands on that ass that Sirius can't help but love. He smirks as he leans back a little, so that he can eyeball the slightly redding ass. His hand runs over the sting flesh, trying to make it feel better for a moment as his lips return to Remus's earlobe. "Have you been playing with yourself Master Lupin? When I was'nt there? Naughty..." He added with yet another smack to that perk ass. Sirius enjoyed the sight of Remus like this. Then again, he enjoyed the sight of most things that included Remus, naked, hard and whimpering for him. He'd never thought he'd be doing this though.

His other hand dropped to that cock, giving Remus a few reward strokes for dealing with this before removing his hand."Now Master Lupin, what do you plan to do to make it up to me?"

Re: <3

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Remus is whining, a high, keening sound as Sirius' hand falls on his ass, each smack stinging more than the first, shooting little thrills down his nerves, lighting up his skin. He's blushing mightily at Sirius' words, biting his lip against them, and he can't believe that they're doing this, but it feels so good -- feels good to let Sirius be in control of his body, Sirius' dirty words filling him with a delirious sense of need. He nearly jumps when Sirius' fingers close around his cock, moaning at the feeling of his hand stroking him, and he can't help but let a desperate little sigh escape his lips as he takes his hand back.

"However you need me to," he breathes, eyes still closed. "Tell me what to do to make it up to you."

Date: 2010-09-30 03:20 pm (UTC)
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He's rather enjoying those noises Remus is making. He'd never really heard them before. His fingers dance down the curve of his ass as he considers how to make Remus make it up to him. His finger slides between those cheeks as small evil grin appears on his face. "I want you to prep me...then prep yourself for the fucking I'm going to give you? Would you like that pet?" The world pet rolls off his tongue, filled with lust and promise, that if Remus was good. He'd have fun.


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