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This had meant to be easy, just scout out some of the death eater safe houses and report back to the order with information. Remus had hated the idea of course, Well, he never said it as much but you could tell with that look in his eyes and his tense shoulders. Sirius had just given him a flash of his smile and told him it would be fine. Like some dashing prince with a head in his clouds. Of course the universe would work against him to make sure he was wrong. Fuck the universe. He'd been creeping though an empty house as quiet as he could, he'd seen some people come into this place, but never go out. Was it some meeting place or an portkey entrance? The smart thing to would have been to report back with the news but Sirius had to know if only for his own sake, besides Sirius so rarely did the smart thing. 

Which is how he ended up getting pounced by three death eaters. He did'nt recolonize them, perhaps they were a lower level then the ones he could name. He never even had a chance to go for his wand before they were on him. The spell hitting him and he crumbled too the floor. Then it was black for a really long time. He blinked a few times before he regained some resemble of thought. It was on a filthy bed. His hands tied before his back and black tape over his mouth, his eyes went wide as the entire situation dawned on him. The three that jumped him must haven't know who he was or did'nt know if he was worth killing. Which was good. The bad news was he was still in the worlds biggest airport in all of the death eater world. Someone would  come who knew who he was, so he struggled, his hair wild and in his face. .

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What was bad news for Sirius was good news for the Death Eaters. Most specifically, in this case, good news for Barty, who had been lucky enough to be informed before any other of the major players.

Sirius looked good like this. The black tape around his head, over his mouth. Tight enough to hurt, he was sure, and a bitch to get out of his hair when it came to that, but it definitely looked good. His mouth had to be stuffed with something, judging by the way he strained against the tape. A good look on him, definitely.

Of course, the way his body was bent, hands to ankles, making sure his struggling wouldn't get him far added to the overall allure.

"Makes for a nice picture," Barty said by ways of greeting, approaching the bed and reaching down to stroke his fingers through Sirius' hair. "Nice place for a filthy blood traitor, too."

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"Shh, Black. It's alright, not as bad as all that." Barty used his grip on Sirius' hair to force his head back, to pull him up so most of his weight was on his knees and his scalp and he caught Sirius' eyes, smiling calmly.

"If you complain this much already, how will you be able to whine more once I start doing things to you?"

For a while he just looked at him, his free hand smoothing the tape down more, to make sure to keep the sounds coming from him to a minimum. Then he let his fingers travel down his throat, his chest, until he was cupping his crotch through his pants.

"You really are awfully pretty, aren't you? Nice genes, if nothing else."

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Naturally, the whine, the struggles, all of it only incensed Barty to keep going.

"You know, I'd say it almost seems a shame to hide such a pretty face behind that ugly tape, but I think I actually like the contrast." He suddenly pushed Sirius back on the bed, making sure he'd land on his back, trapping his arms under his own body. Barty put a hand on his chest to keep him pinned, catching his eyes once more.

"I think I'll leave ugly marks all over your body."

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The thing was, gagged as he was, even the worst swear was little more than a pathetic noise. Hot, though, Barty had to admit, so he didn't mind it too much. This was why he preferred that gag to just silencing Sirius. Well, part of the reason. He did also like the look of the black tape across his face.

"Fierce, aren't you?" Barty pulled out his wand, used it to pretty much rip Sirius' shirt to shreds, leaving his upper body naked and bare. Exposed. He used one of his legs to keep Sirius down, while he ran the tip of his wand over Sirius' naked chest, brushing a nipple. "Won't do you any good, but I like it. I like it a lot."

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"Oh, you bloody slut. You like this." No, Barty wasn't too caught up. He was watching for every little thing and movement coming from Sirius. He flicked the nipple first, then a muttered spell and sparks against his chest, just on the verge of being painful.

"Seems like we'll have even more fun than I thought." Barty smiled and then, quite sudden and hard, slapped Sirius across the face.

"I just hope I can still make you cry."

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"Don't look at me like that. Although, what am I saying? Look at me like that all you want. It's very appealing."

With that said, Barty made sure Sirius pants were little more than shreds as well, leaving him completely naked. Completely vulnerable, not even able to cover himself. Oh, he was rather intent on making him enjoy this. And he was intent on making him hate this. Making him hate himself for this. That was part of the fun, after all.

"What's your family's motto again? Ah, right. I remember." Those cryptic words were followed by Barty pressing his wand down on Sirius' chest and the tip starting to glow. The smell of charred flesh and blood followed as Barty started to write into Sirius' flesh.

He'd said he'd mark him.

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Even his screams were kept quiet by the gag, just showing how little input he had on any of this. It certainly didn't stop Barty from completing his work, until the words stood out black and bloody along the edges against Sirius' so flawless skin. Always pure, although Barty had gone for the original French.

"Toujours pur," Barty read out loud, smiling down at Sirius, "Looks good on you, Black. Very good."

His wand now traced his cock, smiling down at him as he did so.

"You've been so well-behaved for me. I think you deserve a treat."

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Oh, Barty figured the tears might come soon enough, when Sirius realized that the same man who have carved the hated words into his skin was able to make him beg in order to get off. Just a question of time.

A question of skill. And Barty had enough of both. He slid off the bed and put his hands on Sirius' thighs, his legs still forced to bend by the way he was tied. Easy enough for him to go for Sirius' cock that way. And he did, same as he did everything. Without hesitation and intense focus, taking him in whole, tongue pressed against his length, suction along it as he waited for him to get hard.

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But Barty saw where Sirius eyes strayed and he backed away with a smile, his wand drawn.

"Morsmordre." The word is just whispered, but his Lord's sign appears above them sure enough, the skull and the snake moving against the ceiling, the green light shining through even with closed eyes. Making sure Sirius couldn't keep pretending to be anywhere else but here.

And that done, Barty just continued where he left off, taking Sirius into his mouth while he ran his nails down his thigh, leaving red streaks.

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He could feel how much Sirius really was enjoying it. Could feel it well enough to know just when to pull back, when to leave the man with nothing at all. Barty got up and looked down at him, letting his eyes drink in how the man had changed since he started this. Looking utterly debauched, his chest showing his family's motto, his cock hard and glistening with saliva and precum, illuminated by the green light from above.

Barty watched with a smile. He was in no hurry.

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"A picture for your precious Order would be quite spectacular right now, don't you think?" Barty walked around him in a half-circle, eyes never leaving him. "Who would be most upset about it, you think? I hope you have a lover."

He laughed and touched Sirius' cock with his wand once more, muttering a spell and allowing for a thin piece of rope to wrap around the base, making sure to keep him erect. "Such a pretty piece of bait."

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Of course, although Barty could guess at what Sirius was saying, his muttering was still as unintelligible as before and easy to ignore. He sure liked the sound of it though, that much was certain.

"Don't worry, Black. I'm not about to let you come any time soon. But I do think I'm going to use your little arse to get off myself. What do you think of that?"


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