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This had meant to be easy, just scout out some of the death eater safe houses and report back to the order with information. Remus had hated the idea of course, Well, he never said it as much but you could tell with that look in his eyes and his tense shoulders. Sirius had just given him a flash of his smile and told him it would be fine. Like some dashing prince with a head in his clouds. Of course the universe would work against him to make sure he was wrong. Fuck the universe. He'd been creeping though an empty house as quiet as he could, he'd seen some people come into this place, but never go out. Was it some meeting place or an portkey entrance? The smart thing to would have been to report back with the news but Sirius had to know if only for his own sake, besides Sirius so rarely did the smart thing. 

Which is how he ended up getting pounced by three death eaters. He did'nt recolonize them, perhaps they were a lower level then the ones he could name. He never even had a chance to go for his wand before they were on him. The spell hitting him and he crumbled too the floor. Then it was black for a really long time. He blinked a few times before he regained some resemble of thought. It was on a filthy bed. His hands tied before his back and black tape over his mouth, his eyes went wide as the entire situation dawned on him. The three that jumped him must haven't know who he was or did'nt know if he was worth killing. Which was good. The bad news was he was still in the worlds biggest airport in all of the death eater world. Someone would  come who knew who he was, so he struggled, his hair wild and in his face. .

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